We create commission free online ordering experiences

We know that your menu and business needs are as unique as your food, so we’ve made sure that your online ordering system can match all of your needs.

We create immersive online ordering experiences

We know that your menu and business needs are as unique as your food, so we’ve made sure that your online ordering system can match all of your needs.

    Branded, beautiful, and mobile responsive online ordering

    The capabilities of our menus are extensive, thoughtful, and effective. We believe in simple, elegant solutions that are easy to use, intuitive, and powerful.

    Learn more about Menu Customisations:

    Pixel-Perfect branding

    With our Pixel-Perfect Technology™, our menus are built to be 100% branded to your business and match your branding guidelines without extensive development fees or lengthy project delays. Your customers never leave your domain

    Menu Syndication

    Our online ordering menus integrate directly on your website and mobile app. No redirection to an external link or i-frames that cause orders to drop off. Our integrated online ordering delights your guests and ensures you capture every possible order.

    Mobile Responsive

    Optimized to look amazing across all devices. Customers can easily order food on the go, enhancing their experience with your brand and increasing order volume. We offer the same user friendly and intuitive order flow from desktop, tablet and mobile.

    Technology that’s flexible

    Food can be complex. Sometimes there are sizes, sometimes there are toppings, and sometimes there are item dependencies. We handle it all, simply.

    Powerful menu management

    Centrally manage all menus and publish changes with a single click across your connected website, app, Google Online Ordering, and other channels. You’ll be able to:

    • Pause menu items and reschedule

    • Visually rearrange your online menu

    • Control specials and discounts by day, time, and service type

    • Peak order management

    • Custom delivery rules

    • …and so much more

    Order management

    Simply Order Food empowers restaurants to manage orders simply, no matter how unique your menu or order requirements. We offer various forms of order notifications, order workflows, peak order management, and much more to give you complete control.

    No Order Left Behind

    Along with our live customer support, every single order across our platform is tracked the instant a guest begins to place an order all the way through to the satisfaction rating after the food has been delivered or picked up. We’ve got your back.

    Insightful reports and analysis

    Own your customer data with our interactive dashboard that unifies data from your website, Google, and other channels in a single view. You can set revenue goals, track and monitor your progress, campaigns, and return on investment.

    Delivery management

    With our extensive delivery settings, we support the ability to control your delivery parameters to exactly suit your business needs. We can also provide a fully integrated delivery management suite so you easily see & map where drivers & deliveries are in real-time.

    Guest account management

    We make online ordering easy for your guests, and encourages repeat ordering. With our guest management features, your customers will be able to save their payment, addresses, favorite items/orders, save incomplete orders, reorder in a single click, and much more.

    Features that boost your bottom line

    Branded location selection page

    When you have many locations, a branded location selector will help your guests find the right location closest to them.

    Visual online ordering

    Showcase your food in ways that drive online orders and increase average order values. Our online menus include a step-by-step visual “add to cart” experience.

    Item up-selling

    Boost online orders and drive customer frequency by offering specials, discounts, promotions, and coupons. Create custom menu bundles to increase check averages.