Harness the power of Google to increase online orders

Harness the power of Google to increase online orders with Zuppler

    Turn searches into sales

    70% of searches begin on Google with “cuisine types” vs. the restaurant brand name. Every day, three billion search results are generated from the 17 million searches for “food near me”. With the Simply Order Food Google integration, your business can capitalize on these searches by enabling consumers to order online directly from your restaurant across Google Search, Google Maps, and the Google Assistant.

    Increase orders and acquire new customers each month

    New restaurants on Google are receiving an average of 57 orders per month across the Google platforms. Of those orders, an average of 80 percent are from new customers. Based on our metrics, Google order volume is likely to double in the next 12 months.

    Placing orders through Google search

    When hungry patrons nearby are searching Google with terms like “best Italian restaurant near me”, your restaurant can easily be found with an “order pickup” button. With just a few clicks, prospective guests can select their items and place the order for pickup or delivery.

    Essentially using our technology your menu data can integrate directly with Google so new customers can order directly from Google.

    Ordering through Google Maps

    Those searching Google Maps for nearby restaurants now have the ability to order from your restaurant by searching “takeout” or “delivery”. Additionally, searching specific cuisines such as “pizza delivery near me”, will prioritize your restaurant and also show other restaurants nearby that offer this service type. This feature is another fast and convenient way for potential guests to find and order online from your restaurant on Google.

    Ordering through the Google Assistant

    Anyone with a Google Assistant in their home can use the power of their voice to ask their Google device to order from nearby open restaurants. Restaurants can be discovered by asking the Google Assistant the following questions:

    “Hey Google, order takeout [or delivery] near me”

    Customers will be able to select a restaurant from a list of open restaurants that offer takeout and delivery options on Google.

    “Hey Google order food from {restaurant}”

    They can even reorder their favorite meal by saying:

    “Hey Google reorder food from {restaurant}”

    Order notifications that work with your business

    Your business will receive notifications of incoming Google orders through one of the methods below:

    • POS (if integrated)

    • OrderZupp 2.0 App available on any Android device.

    • Customer Service App

    • Website

    • Email

    • SMS Text

    • Fax

    Delivery integrations

    With Google online ordering, restaurants have the ability to set up delivery options using your own in-house delivery drivers. During the setup process, you can add specific delivery rules, as well as the preferred fees associated with your unique delivery concept.

    Google search prioritization

    Google now prioritizes restaurants with updated pickup and delivery information posted to their Google Business Listing.  This increases your visibility and makes your restaurant more discoverable to potential patrons that may not have been previously aware of your restaurant…bringing new customers directly to your business.

    Grow your business with Google

    When customers order from your restaurant from Google Search, Google Maps or the Google Assistant, you have full access to all of your customer information. Access to this information will help you grow your customer database, increase total order volume and check size through marketing campaigns you control.