Branded online food ordering solution for catering companies

Branded online food ordering solution for caterers

Increase sales and manage online orders for your business’s unique catering concept with Zuppler.

    We designed online catering orders with the input of well known catering companies.

    We know catering orders are very different than typical delivery or takeout orders, so our software is built to handle all of the unique elements specific to your brand. Our software is smart enough to ensure each catering order conforms with your special instructions and item level requirements.

    Our catering solution gives you the ability to:

    • Set specific minimum required order amounts on all catering orders

    • Add options to checkout including guest count, event details, and on‐site contact

    • Setup different delivery rules based on different order minimums, delivery areas and delivery distance

    • Offer tip minimums

    • Estimate price per person based on order value and party size
    • Integrate with Caterease so your orders flow right to your operations team

    Discover how our branded catering system operates exactly the way you need it to, and watch your catering revenue grow. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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