Our delivery management tools and integrations make it easy for restaurants and caterers to offer delivery as an online food ordering option.

Our robust delivery management tools and integrations make it easy for restaurants and caterers to offer delivery as an online food ordering option.

    With our extensive delivery options, we support the ability to control your deliveries to exactly suit your business needs.

    Contactless delivery

    We support Contactless Delivery and Click & Collect for restaurants and caterers as your staff & customers may want to limit personal contact. When a guest is ordering for delivery, they can select Contactless Delivery as an option which will prompt them to select from the contactless options:

    • Leave order at door and ring doorbell

    • Leave order at door and call to notify

    • Deliver to my door

    With Curbside Pickup, guests can drive up to your storefront or in designated curbside pickup spots where your staff can then bring their order to their vehicle. Upon checking out, the guest is prompted to enter in their vehicle information and are given a phone number to call when they arrive so that your staff knows when and which car to deliver the order to.

    Delivery rules customized to you

    We offer a robust set of delivery rules that allows us to easily support even the most complex delivery requirements and rules. Our clients have the ability to set up multiple delivery zones and different delivery minimums, delivery charges, and delivery times. We also support the ability to set up delivery rules for specific office buildings or addresses.

    Create custom delivery zones

    Our delivery rules allow restaurants and caterers to create customisable delivery parameters, each with their own delivery minimums, times & charges. This allows businesses the ability to expand their delivery territory and be able to charge what they need to. Delivery zones can be set up by:

    • Specific Address

    • Circle radius

    • City

    • GeoJson file

    • Rectangle – which allows you to draw in your delivery zone.

    Set delivery charges by zone on map

    For each delivery rule, you can set delivery charges based on flat fee, percent of the order, or a combination of both. You can set higher delivery charges for larger order amounts or for delivery zones that require a longer travel.

    Specify delivery time and delivery throttling

    Our delivery rules allow you the flexibility to set specific delivery times for each delivery rule you create. This allows you to create realistic delivery times based on distance and order amounts. You can even throttle your delivery time based on how busy you get during peak hours – our system will take into account how much additional delivery time is needed.

    Flexible delivery operating hours

    We simplify how restaurants and caterers designate times that delivery is available. Your business has the flexibility to specify times that delivery orders can be placed so that you can offer this service during the days/times that work best for your business.

    Click & Collect can be setup to run at different times to delivery.

    Gain insight with delivery heat maps

    Our reports include a delivery heat map so you can visually see where most orders are originating from, and identify new areas that you can target for marketing. The data represented within the heat map is a great marketing tool that you can utilize to see which areas to target for direct mailers, placement for advertising etc..

    Support drivers’ tips

    You have the ability to enquire if guests would like to tip the driver when they place orders for delivery. You can set a required tip minimum for delivery orders to keep your drivers happy.

    Create promotions and menus that are available for delivery only

    You can create amount off or percentage off discounts that are available for delivery only (or collection only) to help entice customers. You can also create menus that are only available when ordering for delivery. Not only can this be used for promotions, but if you have items on your regular menu that you question if they will travel well, you can create a new menu for delivery only that does not include those items.