Reinvent how guests order food at your restaurant

Reinvent how guests order food at your restaurant

    Reimagine dining-in with On Premise Ordering

    To permanently adjust as a result of the pandemic, restaurants and food operators will need to rethink new ways of serving dine-in guests. Specifically, public health guidance is suggesting that multi-use menus should be phased out due to concerns related to the unintended transmission of the virus.

    While single-use menus are a temporary stopgap measure to address this challenge, other issues, such as variable food supply, have created the need for more frequent menu changes that are difficult to address with printed menus.

    In an effort to address an immediate need for flexible menu changes, and a contactless dine-in ordering experience, Simply Order Food has expanded its branded online ordering system to support contactless dine-in ordering.

    On Premise Ordering enables guests to order food from their own device for contactless dine-in. Orders can be sent straight to the POS system for order fulfillment (if integrated).


    Minimize unnecessary contact between restaurant staff and guests by replacing printed menus with branded ordering software that guests can use to place dine-in orders from their own devices.

    Dine-in guest contact with wait staff can be limited to explaining menu specials, delivering food, and clearing plates. Contact between restaurant staff and guests are further reduced as orders are sent directly from the dine-in guest to the restaurant POS system.


    Not only is the guest and staff experience fully contactless, but the overall dine-in experience is also more engaging. Guests have a personal and highly interactive dining experience when ordering food from their own mobile devices.

    Every menu item, and even their modifiers, can be displayed visually. Restaurants have the ability to highlight menu item customizations within the application in ways that would be impossible to convey on a printed menu.


    On Premise Ordering can streamline the ordering process and allow for direct communication between the restaurant staff and the guest:

    • Guest orders can be sent straight to the POS system for processing

    • Order notifications can keep guests more informed about the status of their order

    • When placing an order, guests are given estimates for food preparation time and expectations when the food will be ready

    • Restaurants will be able to serve more guests with fewer wait staff, improving the restaurant’s bottom line.

    • Since guests will create and review their own orders, manual re-entry into POS systems is minimized – creating greater accuracy with each order


    Dine-in ordering is easier than ever. Guests are dynamically encouraged to add related items to their order and are provided realtime offers to join loyalty programs or increase the order size in exchange for discounts. Menus can be updated in real-time to allow for last-minute menu changes or price adjustments to increase orders for certain specials.

    Loyal guests see their last order, favorite items, and their entire order history.  Guests can also get started on an order, and save it for later for ordering at home, or in-person. Since all orders will be processed on one system, greater analysis can be conducted about orders by item, day and time, on and off-premises, loyalty members vs. guest checkout, and more.

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