Loyalty program for restaurants and caterers

Reward your guests, increase customer retention and order sizes with a built-in online ordering loyalty program.

Zuppler loyalty program for restaurants and caterers

Reward your guests, increase customer retention and order sizes with a built-in online ordering loyalty program.

    100% integrated with your online food ordering system

    Our loyalty is a built-in tiered rewards program that enables restaurants and caterers to easily reward guests for ordering online. Everything your guests need for loyalty is available through your online ordering menu:

    • Program enrollment

    • Sign in/account access
    • Loyalty points dashboard

    • Eligible rewards
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    Easy for customers

    Guests easily enroll and earn points simply by creating an online ordering account and signing in to place their online order. That’s it!

    Increase order frequency and average order size with loyalty tiers

    Each tier is based on minimum spend per calendar year and has its own earning rule. This will allow you to motivate your guests to achieve higher status, receive exclusive perks, earn more points per dollar, and redeem rewards faster.

    Increase conversions by bringing guests back to your website to order food

    With our loyalty program, the customer loyalty dashboard is integrated directly within your online ordering menu. Members can view their tier, point, and reward status, redeem rewards, and see their recent order/loyalty history.

    No codes, no hassle. Redeem rewards with 1-click

    While signed in, loyalty members are able to redeem available rewards with 1-click available rewards from the top of your menu, within their loyalty dashboard, and at checkout.

    Automatically increase loyalty members for your brand

    At checkout, the online shopping cart will show customers who are checking out as a “guest” the estimated loyalty points they could earn. This helps to entice customers to create an online ordering account and sign in to earn points for their order.

    See how your loyalty program is performing

    With a custom loyalty reports dashboard, your business will be able to view and track total and monthly:

    • Revenue

    • Orders

    • Sign ups

    • Rewards redeemed

    You will also be able to access and export your loyalty member’s information which includes:

    • Name

    • Email

    • Orders for the year
    • Orders for current month

    • Current tier

    • Highest eligible loyalty reward
    • Current loyalty points

    • Loyalty points needed for next reward
    • Last order date
    • Loyalty points earned for most recent order

    Loyalty package includes:

    • Branded Loyalty
    • Loyalty drip campaign setup
    • Branded loyalty page for your website
    • Branded Loyalty Announcement email sent to your customer database
    • Branded Loyalty Points Earned email sent to your loyalty members after placing an order
    • Branded Welcome to Loyalty email sent to new loyalty members after placing their first order
    • Branded Guest Loyalty email sent to non loyalty-members after placing an order
    • Branded customer loyalty dashboard
    • Loyalty reports dashboard
    • Ability to access and export loyalty member database

    The Simply Order Food loyalty program is offered for Online Ordering and On Premise Ordering only. For businesses with multi-locations, we do not support the ability for guests to earn points and redeem rewards across locations.

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